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7 Phrases That Children Need To Hear From Their Parents

“I Love You”

The phrase ‘I love you’ is simple yet profound. It lays the foundation of a child’s sense of security and belonging. My son Lucas beams with joy every time he hears these three words, reminding him he’s valued and loved unconditionally.

“I’m Proud of You”

Saying ‘I’m proud of you’ to a child, regardless of their achievement’s size, boosts their self-esteem and motivation. Remembering the pride in Jane’s eyes when I praised her small accomplishments shows the lasting impact of these words.

“I Trust You”

Expressing trust, such as ‘I trust you’, empowers children to make responsible decisions and builds their self-confidence. This affirmation has helped Lucas make choices with greater assurance and maturity.

“I’m Listening”

Letting a child know ‘I’m listening’ validates their feelings and encourages open communication. Jane often shares more about her day when she knows she has my undivided attention, enhancing our connection.

“It’s Okay to Make Mistakes”

Assuring children that it’s okay to make mistakes fosters a growth mindset and resilience. This phrase has helped Jane and Lucas view challenges as opportunities for learning, rather than fearing failure.

“You Can Do It”

Encouraging words like ‘You can do it’ inspire determination and perseverance. These words have been a powerful motivator for both Jane and Lucas, especially when facing difficult tasks.

“I Understand How You Feel”

Show empathy with ‘I understand how you feel’. This phrase acknowledges their emotions and shows support. It has been crucial in helping Jane and Lucas navigate their feelings during challenging times.

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